What hours are you open?

Dolls escorts are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So whenever you are looking for some fun, we are here to assist you.

Are your Photos real?

Yes of course! We do not believe in using heavily airbrushed images of our girls. We much prefer to use ones that show a real life likeness. So when you first meet them, there are not any nasty surprises! The only edits made to photographs by us are the removing of tattoos and blurring of faces (where requested). All of which are done for privacy reasons only. 

How do I Book?

To make a booking with one of the Red Hot Girls. The best thing to do is look at our Available today page, as this will show you which girls are working. Then you can just call us on 0121 663 1134 to make your booking.

Can I make an Advance Booking?

You can of course book in advance. All you need to do is call up, check who is working the day you want to book for and make your booking. You will just have to confirm it on the day.

How do I make Payment?

Payment is to be given directly to your escort at the start of your meeting in cash. Please don’t be offended if she counts the money, she is only doing so on our advice.

What Information do you require from me?

The information we need will depend on the call type you require. For an Incall we just need your mobile number & Name. For an Outcall we need your name, contact number and the full address of your home or hotel (as well as room number if its a hotel).

Can I just not turn up for a Booking?

If you do this, we will warn you on your next booking attempt, if you do it again we will simply ban you from the agency for Good. Our Receptionists are trained to recognise voices, so just changing your number won’t be enough to fall them either! If you can not make a booking you have made, then just let us know and we will cancel it for you, no harm done!

I turned up but left, what should I do?

If for any reason you turn up to see a girl and really didn’t like her and chose to leave. We understand that these things can very rarely happen, the girl was just not what you wanted. If this happens to you just let us know and we will not have any issues with you at all. Providing of course its not something you do constantly for no real reason!

Can I make a request?

Yes please feel free to do so! You are welcome to make any request you like, be it a clothing request or similar. We will advise if the girl can meet that request or not. I can assure you that ALL requests are passed over to the girl, if they should attend the meeting and not meet the request. Please feel free to let us know! As experience would tell me that sometimes girls blame the agency for not passing the request on. Which I can assure you is never the case as our systems in the office makes it impossible for it not to be!

Do you know the girls?

All the Red Hot ladies are met before given the chance to join our team. So you can be assured that information given to you by our receptionists or written on our site in their profiles. Is both accurate and factually based.

I have a complaint. What should i do?

Every agency gets complaints about things from time to time. The difference is how we handle them! If you have a complaint please feel free to bring it to our attention. All complaints will be looked in to and we will do our very best to rectify any issues you have in one form or another!

Are your reviews genuine?

Yes! We only ever publish real reviews, left by clients that have actually seen the girl!